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Choosing the right shade

We've put together a graphic so you can compare car window tinted shades.
Different Window Shades

05% – Most commonly known as ‘Limo Black’
20% – Most commonly chosen for aethsetic values
30% – Most commonly chosen by dealers to match privacy glass
50% – For those who want a very light tint & UV protection

CLEAR - is how the vehicle would look with no tint applied. No UV protection, no heat rejection, no privacy

How we tint car windows

The benefits of window tinting

There are many reasons behind why your car should have tinted windows.

Improves cosmetic looks & Styling

99.9% Harmful UV rays are blocked out

Massively reduces heat build up

Glass is much stronger & harder to smash

Shattered glass shards are held together

Reduces sunlight glare

Less air conditioning usage

Lifetime warranty increased privacy

BMW Tints

Why choose Utopia Tints North East?

Skilled Professionals

Skilled Professionals

All staff at Utopia Tints have undergone the UK’s highest level of window tinting training. With many years combined experience onboard, we are here to help with any of your window tinting needs.

We Pursue Excellence

Cleaning Car

Here at Utopia Tints, in the North East, we pursue nothing but excellence. We thoroughly inspect every vehicle that leaves us to ensure that it is totally 100% up to our 5 star standard of work.

Highest Quality Film

Fitting Window Film on BMW

A excellent window tint is made up of two things, an excellent window tinter, and excellent window film. As you may already know, at Utopia Tints we already have the best of Film Fitters, we also have the best range of films too! Llumar & Global, the worlds leading Window Tinting brands.

Lifetime Guarantee

Finishing Tinting Touches On Car

Worry free with a lifetime warranty. Any bubbles, dirt, light gaps, fading etc is rectified with an immediate no questions asked re-fit. This warranty is also backed up by the film supplier which you will get more information on, with your receipt/warranty card.

You might have seen our sister company, Utopia Plates, which produces high quality premium number plates.

Global Window Films Logo

These plates can be supplied as an add-on to any tinting work that you have carried out; your plates can be made at the same time as the vehicle gets tinted.

If you choose to have plates made on site, please bring with you an identification document and a document proving your entitlement to the registration.

Visit Utopia Plates

We offer 0% finance on all work via our partner

Used car sales & dealerships

Boost your car sales with window tints
Back Tinted Windows

If you are a small, medium or large used car garage or dealership looking for a top quality fast turn around window tinting company then look no further, please get in touch. We work with local garages all over the North East to improve the presentation of the stock at the best of prices.

Have the edge over your competitors with the highest quality window tints professionally fitted by Utopia Tints.

What our customers say

When I was up their neck of the woods, Utopia came highly recommended and when I was in dire straights, they sorted me out. Decent team of people, straight forward and made my situation easy. Highly recommend. thanks guys!

Carl Helms Initials
Carl Helms

"Class from the lads even picked me up and dropped me off to save the hassle when leaving my car there, highly recommended"

Ryan Lavelle Initials
Ryan Lavelle

Just had the wife's Zafira done. Great job great service. Will be getting mine done when it come out the garage. Highly recommended!

Lorna Moore Initials
Lorna Moore

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